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tv   President First Lady Receive Hurricane Maria Briefing  CSPAN  October 4, 2017 6:42am-6:57am EDT

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pres. trump: where is the governor? ok.
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trump:ernible] president thank you. thank you, everybody.
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president trump: well, i thank you very much. this is a youthful place. i have been to puerto rico many times. i always loved it. your weather is second to none but everyone small you really get hit, and you really got ahead there is no question about it. way to there is no question it. i have to start with rob. where is rob? rob long has been through a lot. a+ in texas.n we thought he could rest a couple days. he hadore he could rest, florida and louisiana. we do not say it often, but louisiana got it pretty hard, too. he was fantastic. then he came to florida. we gave him another a+.
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then we said there is another one heading out to puerto rico .nd the u.s. virgin islands not one, but too. i was there be here last week but that was the day of the second hurricane. been unbelievable. this is a category 5 which few people have even heard of. a category 5 hitting land but it hit land and boy did it hit land. so i want to thank you, when to think a line. elaine, thank you very much. you have been incredible. elaine duke, acting secretary. dom, great job. to all my people, i have to say general buchanan got here a few days ago and no doubt about it you are a general. there is a reason you are a general, right? i said, give me a general. i'm one to have a general who
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plays games and you have been a great general. the whole team is amazing. the governor, who i did not know, i heard very good things about him. he is not even from my party and he started right from the beginning of appreciating what we did. he was tremendously supportive and he knew the level of problem that you had at the beginning before in the level -- what happened with the tremendous storms that hit your beautiful island. mr. governor, i just want to tell you that right from the beginning this governor did not play politics. he did not play it at all. he was saying it like it was and he was giving us the highest grades. on behalf of our country, i want to thank you. [applause] pres. trump: i also -- i also want to thank your
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congresswoman, who actually represents the largest number of people of any congressperson in the united states. i know that. it is 3.5 million people jennifer, right? so congressman jennifer gonzalez, who i watched the other day when she was saying such nice things about all of the people who have worked so hard. jennifer, do you think you could say a little bit of what you said about us today? not about me, about these incredible people from the military to fema, the first responders. i mean, i have never seen people working so hard and my life. perhaps you could say, congresswoman? >> the first thing is, before we were hit by maria we were hit by hurricane irma. acting it was fema together. more than 4000 people were here
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from the different branches of the military. army, navy, fema, the staff working together before the hurricane hit. they were here before, during, after the first hurricane and they continued to stay on the island, boots on the ground during maria. sting -- same thing. i think we never got a better level of the munication with the government then before. we are in the path of hurricane so we are you still hurricane's but never before a category five. devastation unheard of. during all this time, we got the federal government by our side doing the job, people here like you and the military. cabinetident and his accomplished it and sent more people in continued to send it more people, trucks, drivers, and resources.
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mr. president for everything you've done for the island. esther trump: thank you. ice -- pres. trump: thank you. everybodye comments, saw these comments and i want to thank you for. so hard,ple worked many of them came from two other catastrophic hurricanes. in texas, louisiana, florida and there was no -- how many -- 843. pres. trump: we're going to keep them for another double weeks. come here. special guy. i will tell you. special. really special. tomll also, in addition to i want to thank linda mcmahon, small business. i'll still, i say she is in charge of small business but small business is master business when you add it all up. and she is done a great job. built a great company with her husband vince mcmahon.
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i wanted her say about for this position because nobody dies a job like her or let me tell you, like this woman. incredible job as the administrative. we want to thank you linda, very much. and, mick mulvaney is here. right there. mick is in charge of a thing called budget. now, i hate to tell you, puerto rico, but you have thrown our budget all out of lack because we spent a lot of money and rico. that is fine. we saved a lot of lives. every death is a horror. but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died and you look at what happened here with really a storm that was totally overbearing, nobody has ever seen anything like
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this, what is your death count at the moment, 17? 16 people certified. 16 people versus in the thousands. you can be very proud of all of your people, all of our people working together. 16 versus literally thousands of people, you can be very proud. everybody around this table and everybody watching can be very proud of what has taken place in puerto rico. i also want to thank the navy. the listener from the navy? could we have? what a job. i saw them flying in. i said boy, this looks like very big stuff. the job you have done getting things here. there are known docs. we are in the process of getting them opened up. that there were no docs, no anything. incredible. i want to thank the navy. do you want to say something on behalf of the navy?
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[applause] ] ndiscernible >> we can handle anything that -- save-- puerto rico lives -- with the governor of puerto rico -- demonstrate our ability -- thank you. president trump: thank you. i do not even have to mention that marines because here is general kelly. where is our general kelly. he likes to keep a low profile and sit in the back. watching. he general kelly, come up. not-star general, you do get any better than general kelly. come up to her. wheels are mentioned the army.
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can we also mentions of people i got to know and respect even more in texas and that is the coast guard. what a job the coast guard has done throughout this all. [applause] pres. trump: i mean, they would go right into the middle of that. i don't know. i do not want to do it. and i want to thank the coast guard. they are very special, very special. people. a lot of people got to see the real coast guard during this incredible trouble. especially here in texas, it was incredible what they did. we appreciated. really appreciate it. would you like to say something? i know that. ] [indiscernible puerto rico is specifically -- reallyy of supplies --
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-- to those most devastated are. trump: and the runways pretty much now open? [indiscernible] amazing amazing job. so amazing that hundreds of millions of dollars of new airplanes are being ordered for the air force. especially the f-35. do you like the f-35? how do they do in fights? said, we do very well. you cannot see it. literally, they do not see it. it is hard to find a plane you cannot see, right? that is an expensive plane you cannot see. price know, we cut the
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substantially. something the other administrations would never have done, that i can tell you. where's the coast guard? who can speak on behalf of the coast guard? who can speak? where is our representative? come here. get over here. come here. come here. on behalf of the coast guard say a word. think there is anything the men and women of the coast guard would rather do than healthy men and women of the puerto rico. this is what we get to do on a daily basis, getting to help our fellow citizens is just what our duty is all about so it is our pleasure to be here, sir. in texas, it came in and did devastation, then it came in and out. it came in three times. it would load up with water and come in. nobody has ever seen water like that. and because guard would follow
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it. it comes in, they would be right behind it. they saved 16,000 lives. hard to believe. 16,000 between the helicopters and all of them. themselves,ard's and texas, 16,000 lives. they went right to that hurricane and there are not too many people who would have done it, believe me. ok? announcer: back in washington, senator -- senator minority leader chuck schumer criticized the president's characterization of the humanitarian crisis in the island territory. >> sitting with those in puerto rico who have been working day fellowht to help their americans in times of need, the president said puerto rico had "thrown our budget a little out of lack


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